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Tianjin Sister-City Council for

The Promotion of Enterprises

Tianjin Sister-City Council for the Promotion of Enterprises (TSCPE) is under the guidance and supervision of Tianjin Committee of Commerce and the Bureau of Tianjin Social Society Administration.

Definition of the Council: TSCPE is a non-governmental, nonprofit social organization, which is voluntarily set up by enterprises and institutions which are intended to or have cooperated with foreign enterprises, administrators, and experts and scholars in related area.

Tenet of the Council: Abide by the Constitution, law, legislation and public policy; Abide by social morality; Taking full advantage of the friendship built or about to built among Tianjin and 64 cities and areas from 41 countries, as a platform and ligament, provide soft environment support and resource complementation channel for the mutual development of non-governmental commerce among enterprises, and cooperation among non-governmental organizations.

Nature of the Council’s Work: Further develop relationship among cities and areas which have or are about to build up friendship with Tianjin; Develop more foreign partners and serve more as a platform and bridge, to help Tianjin enterprises to go global, and to lay a road for more foreign enterprises to search for development in Tianjin.

Business Scope of the Council:

1)     To research and advise on the enacting of policies, laws and regulations related to the development of our members;

2)     To serve and coordinate members and related entities, and strengthen the self-discipline of members while executing related regulations;

3)     To provide and conclude related business information for the development of members, and aperiodcally organize related business knowledge training for members;

4)     To organize investigation, consultation and service among members and enterprises from sister cities and areas, analyze regional economic development, and search for cooperation;

About the Membership of the Council:

Terms of Membership: Society Members, Corporate Members, and Individual Members

Qualification for Enrollment:

1)   Uphold the constitution of this council;

2)   Qualified for business practices or theoretical research;

3)   Voluntarily join this council;

4)   Provide lawful operations and excellent service.

Membership Application Procedures:

1)   Submit membership application and related certifications;

2)   Pass by the board meeting;

3)   Be awarded membership certificate by the office of the council.

Member Rights:

1)   The right to vote and be elected within the council;

2)   Take part in related activities held by the council;

3)   Gain the convenience of publication and introduction on the basis of the council’s resource;

4)   The right to criticize, advise and supervise on the council’s work;

5)   Voluntarily enrolled and free to withdraw;

6)   The right to win commend and honor of the council.

Member Obligations:

1)   Implement the council’s resolution and protect the legal rights of the council;

2)   Pay membership dues according to related regulations;

3)   Provide related information to this council;

4)   Participate activities held by the council which are helpful for the member’s own development;

5)   Bear related legal liability while participating activities held by the council.

Organizational Structure of the Council:

The Highest Authority: The Membership Representative Conference

Actuator of the Council: Board of the Council

Administrative Organ of the Council: President’s Office

Administrative Post of the Council: President, Honorary President, Vice President, Secretary General, and Counselor.

Terms of Reference of the Council

I.       Terms of the Reference of the Membership Representative Conference:

1)   Enact and amend the constitution;

2)   Vote and recall the Directors of the Board;

3)   Deliberate on the work report and finance report of the board;

4)   Decide on the termination of affairs;

5)   Decide on other important affairs.

II.      Terms of Reference of the Board:

1)   Execute the resolution of the Member Representative Conference;

2)   Elect and recall the President, Vice President, and Secretary General; Invite Honorary President and Vice President as needed;

3)   Prepare and hold the Member Representative Conference;

4)   Report work and finance status to the Member Representative Conference;

5)   Decide on the enrollment and disenrollment of members;

6)   Decide on the establishment of administrative office, branch office and entity office;

7)   Decide on the appointment of Vice Secretary General and principles of offices;

8)   Lead the work of offices;

9)   Institute administrative regulations within the council;

10)  Decide on other important affairs.

III.    Terms of Reference of the Chairmen’s Meeting:

1)   The Chairmen’s Meeting consists of the President, Vice President and Vice Secretary General;

2)    The Chairmen’s Meeting is authorized to fully take over the council while the Board Meeting is not in session;

3)    Institute and deliberate the annual working program and financial plan of the council, and report to the Board of the Council;

4)    Approve the employment of Vice Secretary General and personnel of other offices and branches;

5)   Other duties authorized by the Board of the Council.

IV.      Terms of Reference of the President:

1)   Convene and preside over the Chairmen’s Meeting;

2)   Convene and Preside over the Board Meeting;

3)   Supervise on the implementation of the resolution of the Member Representative Conference and the Board Meeting;

4)   Sign on related documents on behalf of the council;

5)   Other important duties.

V.       Terms of Reference of the Secretary General:

1)   Direct the routine work of the administrative office under the lead of the Chairmen’s Meeting, and organize the implementation of annual working program.

2)   Coordinate the operation of branches of the council;

3)   Nominate the Vice Secretary General and main leaders of offices and branches, choose personnel of offices and branches, and submit to the Chairmen’s Meeting;

4)   Other routine work.

Asset Introduction of the Council:

Financial Supervision of the Council: The asset management of the council must carry out national specified financial management regulations, and be subject to supervision of the Member Representative Conference and finance departments. Assets coming from national appropriation, or social donation, must be supervised by auditing offices, and announced to the general public in a proper way.

The council will independently open a supervised account by professional accountant from the council or other related enterprises. The council built up a strict system of financial management regulations, to ensure the lawfulness, truthfulness, correctness and completeness of the accounting information. The accountant cannot perform as the cashier at the same time.

Before the change of board or legal representative of the council, the financial information must be audited by the Tianjin Bureau of Social Society and Tianjin Committee of Commerce.

Sources of Funds of the Council: Membership due, donation, financial aid from government and related enterprises, interest, income from activity or service within the authorized business scope, and other legal income.

Range of Use of the Council’s Funds: The funds of the council must be used in the business development and business scope regulated by the council. Funds cannot be distributed among members.

Tianjin Sister-City Council for the Promotion of Enterprises, under the principle of wise development and harmony, tries to build up a strong bridge for the economic cooperation between China and the world. TSCPE welcomes new members and partners. TSCPE is willing to develop a brand new world with its members and partners.

Ways of Contact of the Council:

Address: Room EF, 9th floor, Yunxiang Edifice, 72-74 Xikang Road, Heping District, Tianjin

Post Code: 300074

Tel:  +86-022-23282836

Fax:  +86-022-23282835






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