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Mission Statement of TSCPE  
Abiding by the Constitution of PRC, laws, regulations and public policies, while complying with ethos and moral standards, TSCPE serves as vehicle and friendly ties to offer a wealth of links for business and trade growth in private and commercial sectors, for joint efforts on concrete assistance issues between enterprises and non-governmental organizations from Tianjin, and its twenty-three sister cities, forty friendly association cities in forty-one countries. TSCPE will utilize the friendship with these cities and will-be partners to optimize the resources for closer relations with its companions in complementary approaches. TSCPE will be the platform and bridge to inspire more Tianjin corporations to start business in global market, as well as invite foreign companies to develop in Tianjin.
President Wang Yuying Attend 2018.5.22
¡¤TSCPE Member Entrepreneurs Attend 2018.5.22
¡¤Government and Economy and Trade Delegation of M 2018.5.22
¡¤Office Director Shi Mingming Attends Forum on In 2018.5.21
¡¤President Wang Yuying Pays a Visit to Ambassador 2018.5.21
TSCPE members should uphold the Council Charter£»
TSCPE members should be qualified for business activities and theory study£»
Members should join TSCPE on their own will£»
TSCPE members should do business legitimately, and provide high quality service¡£
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November 4,2016
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August 31, 2016
March 9, 2016
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