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Tianjin Vice Mayor Ren Xuefeng Meets with German Guests
Time£º2013/11/5 Clicks£º3964

On Oct.24, 2013, Ren Xuefeng, Vice Mayor of Tianjin met with Florian Lunch, Minister of economic, transport and regional development of Hesse-Darmstadt of Germany, who was on a visit to Tianjin, and held in-depth talks on strengthening economic exchanges and trade between Tianjin and Hesse-Darmstadt.

Ren Xuefeng said that Tianjin and Germany have maintained close partnership. A large number of German famous enterprises such as Volkswagen Group and Siemens, have invested in Tianjin and achieved great success. We pay high attention to the cooperation with Hesse-Darmstadt and look forward to further exchanges in finance lease, factoring, exhibition, technology, education and medical treatment, etc. and create win-win cooperation.

Lunch said he has been impressed by Tianjin¡¯s beauty and strong growth momentum. Tianjin and Hesse-Darmstadt have much in common such as finance and this visit will promote the exchanges and cooperation of each area between two sides.

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