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Municipal twin cities are state-level sister cities of Tianjin through official approval of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)£¬sister cities are local governments of the countries who have established formal diplomatic relations with China.

Friendly association cities are Tianjin's friend cities in the world through official approval of Tianjin Municipal People's Government. They are foreign local governments who have substantial business relations with Tianjin.

1 [Association City]Moscow Oblast 2009/11/6
2 [Association City]Andijon viloyati 2009/11/6
3 [Association City]Alma-Ata 2009/11/6
4 [Association City]Genoa 2009/11/6
5 [Association City]Bilbao 2009/11/6
6 [Association City]Constanta 2009/11/6
7 [Association City]Said Port 2009/11/6
8 [Association City]Metropolitan Toronto,Ontario 2009/11/6
9 [Association City]Texas 2009/11/6
10 [Association City]Mississauga 2009/11/6
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